Animation Camp
Enriching pupil's knowledge on design applications through infocomm club training
Digital Curriculum - Primary

Digital Curriculum
Through our repository of curriculum-based digital content, MC Online LMS offers ready access to high quality educational resources for both teachers and students.

Utilising content from our sister publisher, Marshall Cavendish Education, and collaborating closely with various partners and schools, we develop engaging digital content that make a difference in teaching and learning.
Primary Mathematics channel contains resources based on Model Drawing and CPA (Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract) approaches. It emphasises mathematical understanding, helping students develop logical thinking and critical problem-solving skills.
Primary Science learning channel is packed with rich multimedia lessons to arouse students' curiosity and imagination. Students explore further with highly interactive activities to build their understanding and apply concepts learnt.
English Writing Buddy introduces the writing process and demonstrates simple strategies to help students excel in writing. Through animated tutorials, language activities, and guided practices, students develop necessary writing skills easily.

English Oral Buddy equips students with clear strategies to tackle the three components of English Oral – reading aloud, picture discussion, and conversation. The step-by-step approach, with guided practices, helps students acquire oral skills and confidence.

LuV English is a joint collaboration with MediaCorp where students learn using videos. Through LuV English, students watch videos from MediaCorp and engage in comprehension exercises, discussion, writing and speaking activities around exciting themes such as current affairs, medical science, and performing arts.
Reading Stars
A product of Marshall Cavendish Education’s "My Pals Are Here! – Reading Stars". Adapted on the LEAD platform, it features interactive multimedia guided reading programme for pupils to listen to and learn as they read, and built-in assessment feature for teachers to assess the pupils' progress.
  • 教导学生书写佳作
  • 提供各种写作文体
  • 提供一系列的练习与范文供训练和参考
  • 有效增强学生的写作能力

《口试满分》 是根据教育部的考试模式所编写的一 套全面口试教材。看图说话、朗读与会话都提供录 音与播放功能,并提供参考答案,让学生练习和参 考。教材所提供的词汇表能增加学生的词汇量,提 高他们的描述能力。看图说话的参考答案按重点显 示,教导学生有组织,重点式地描述图意。
The Chinese courseware is designed to help students grasp the command of the language through a series of interactive multimedia tutorials and activities.
  • 全新教学资源,采用新传媒影片设计活动
  • 活动融合《公民与道德教育》与《小学华文》课本的教学目标
  • 贯彻《公民与道德教育》六大核心价值观
  • 活动生动有趣,能激发学生学习华文
  • 有效提高学生听、说、读、写的语文能力